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The best way of saving the planet? Your savings.

Your current account and pension could be having double the carbon impact of going vegan, quitting flying and choosing the bike over the car, COMBINED. 

MotherTree calculates your money's carbon footprint and helps you switch to a greener way to save. For free.

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We make it effortless to choose greener providers


MotherTree's money carbon calculator is free to use for all our members. Always.


Quickly understand the carbon footprint of your savings & investments.


Get connected with trusted, FSCS protected green providers.


Greener providers could mean higher returns on your investments.

How it works


Add your details to the calculator. All you need is your current provider's name and the approximate amount in your account. It only takes 2 minutes.


Using trusted, publicly available sources, MotherTree calculates the carbon footprint of your money and provides you with a detailed view of the impact.


MotherTree provides a list of FSCS protected providers and information to help you quickly understand your options to make your money greener.

How it works

Our impact in numbers



25,000 tCO2e

Identified reductions


Users of the service

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Do you want to go green and save money?

Then join our FREE webinar where we'll show you the exact steps to take to go green.

Join us on Tuesday 4th June at 1pm BST

Are you a business owner?

We work with businesses, offering services and information to help them become sustainability leaders, and take genuine action towards tackling the climate crisis.

What our member's say

What our members say



"The results were surprising & made the process of revealing my finances worthwhile. It is good to see a large bank as an ethical option. It was also encouraging to see how many people have invested with PensionBee!"



"I would never have imagined how much carbon my pension emitted! MotherTree's calculator made it quick and easy to estimate it. Best of all, I loved the recommendations. I've now transferred my money from my old bank to a Clim8 Invest GIA account and am saving a whopping 11.13 tonnes of CO2e per year."



"I had no idea how much impact just switching banks could have. MotherTree was super helpful for figuring that out and then sorting the switch. So little hassle for such a big carbon saving. I've been telling all my friends!"

Get ready to green

your money

Before you find your money carbon footprint and connect with our magnificent providers, it's worth remembering a few things. 


You don't have to switch all your money at once. You can open an account for as little as £1, allowing you to test the new bank before adding more funds later on.


The MotherTree service is free to use. Always. When you find a great deal through us, your new provider pays MotherTree a small amount for connecting the two of you.


Our providers must pass a strict vetting process, including, emissions lower than 0.1 tonnes CO2 emissions per £1k invested and zero investment in fossil fuels.

Your money, our future

Why switch?

Your money. Your choice.

Where you put your money matters. Most current account or pension providers choose where they invest your money, meaning you could be supporting fossil fuels, factory farming and tobacco. 

Now the choice is yours. Choosing a greener way to save with MotherTree could be the biggest change you can make to address global inequality and climate change. 

Where would you choose to put your money? 

Oil, factory farming and cigarettes

In fossil fuels, factory farming and tobacco with traditional providers

Health, clean energy and ethical companies

In healthcare, clean energy and ethical companies with a MotherTree approved provider.

Your money endorses the bank's investment, and for most banks this includes fossil fuels.

Your choices matter

Interested to know how your choice of current account continues the cycle of fossil fuel development and climate change?

Traditional Bank
Arrow Right

You open a current or savings account with a traditional bank and your money is held here.

Fossil Fuels

Your money endorses the bank's investment, and for most banks this includes fossil fuels.

Arrow Right
Climate Change

Fossil fuel development generates carbon emissions, taking us closer towards an uninhabitable world.

If enough of us take our money out of fossil fuel investing banks, we undermine their investment strategy, meaning they can't invest in powerful and high-polluting industries such as oil and gas.

One of the biggest drivers of climate change?
Investment in fossil fuels

CO2 emissions per year in kg

Carbon Emissions

*Lifestyle includes: being an omnivore vs. vegan, having a petrol car vs. electric car, using a standard energy supplier vs. a green energy supplier, and taking planes vs. not taking any flight. 

See our carbon reporting sources

Cumulative performance

Fund Performance

Based on 5-year performance of selected default pension funds (including but not limited to Scottish Widows & Lloyds) compared against selected green funds, (including but not limited to Vanguard ESG Developed World & Pictet Clean Energy funds).

Please remember that with all investments, your capital is at risk. The value of your investments can go up as well as down, and you may get back less than what you invested. The information on this page should not be regarded as financial advice.

MotherTree exists to show you the impact of your money and help you switch. Based on our analysis, it is possible to make money without compromising our future. ​

We'll show you the impact and suggest experts who can help you grow your wealth while investing for people and planet. 

Save the planet and your savings.

Save the future or save for the future? Now you don't need to choose. Switching your current account and pension provider with MotherTree is the single best way to cut your carbon footprint.​

Based on ONS statistics and MotherTree analysis, the average UK consumer could nearly halve their carbon emissions just by changing the way they save.

Your money has a footprint.
A big one!

Discover the impact of your savings

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