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70% of all carbon emissions come from 100 companies.

Is your business funding them?

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Emissions for a typical UK business

Graph showing the emissions for a typical UK business
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The biggest part of a business's emissions comes from their finances (the bank and the pension)

Banks continue to invest in areas that don't align to our values

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Invested £6.7bn to JBS - the world's biggest butcher 

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Named in relation to funding cluster munitions & nuclear weapons

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Facing human rights scandals


Barclays funding JBS: A ROTTEN BUSINESS, How Barclays became the go-to bank for JBS, one of the world’s most destructive meat corporations, 2022

NatWest funding weapons: Ethical Consumer, April 2023

HSBC human rights: The Guardian, Feb 2021

Is your business greenwashing?

But businesses are not switching

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Takes too much time

50 hours on average

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No access to best savings

Missing out on £5,000 on average

Broken process icon

Business processes impacted

Employees risk not getting paid

And its not a priority

Does this sound familiar?


You want to be more sustainable but don't know where to start


The money in your business bank is only making a small amount of interest


You care about the environment but don't know how your business can make a bigger impact


You are worried about switching banks and other bills for fear of the hassle and security


You want more loyal customers and employees but struggle to find ways to make that a reality

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That's where MotherTree comes in

We do the work, so you get the benefits

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Happier Clients

More revenue into the business

Employees icon

Happier Employees

Less money on recruitment and retention

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More Investment

More money into the business

For our latest client, we

Saved them £30,000 per year
Saved them 450 tCO2e per year
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The equivalent of the carbon absorbed by 20,500 Trees per year

Find out if we can do the same for you

Our impact in numbers

Evaluated and represented


Found routes to reduce

26,000 tCO2e

Users of the service


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Get clarity on your finances, and the confidence to take action, saving you time, money, and carbon emissions. Ultimately take control of your finances


Lizzie Rivera

Lizzie Rivera

Founder and Chief Purpose Officer at Live Frankly

"To understand if a company is serious about its commitment to sustainability, a good place to start is if it’s putting its money where its values are. Where a business banks is a crucial decision – this report clearly shows how it’s one of the biggest carbon choices it can make. So, before you read that long glossy ‘impact’ report, quickly check who a business banks with to get a sense of how seriously they’re taking sustainability. Follow the money: it couldn’t be more simple or more important."

How it works


Requirement meeting to understand where you currently are and the key action areas


Based on your bespoke report on where you currently are, we will review where the business currently is and prioritise the big financed emissions changes


MotherTree runs the switch process on your behalf, taking care of eveything

Backed by experts

Mike Berners-Lee

Mike Berners-Lee

Mike Berners-Lee is a leading expert in carbon footprinting. He is the director and principal consultant at Small World Consulting and author of several best selling books including How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything.

Starting cost from £99 per month


Get certified to show customers you walk the walk


Gain access to exclusive events to boost your business


Join the MotherTree community and elevate your business with like-minded leaders

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Unlock the savings for your employees and see employee satisfaction grow

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