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The highest to lowest climate
offenders amongst UK banks

Climate Impact UK Banks

The climate impact of British banks

MotherTree calculates the carbon emissions of major UK banks and reveals the top offenders in its Bank League Table. We've discovered that £12,500 held in a current account (the average UK household saving figure in 2022) with Barclays, contributes 2.9 tonnes CO2 per year which is more than flying from the UK to Rome and back 14 times. 

Our ongoing assessment will help to shed light on greener choices for your savings. You can also calculate your money's impact using our Money Carbon Calculator for free and get connected with greener banks and pension providers all in one place. 

Bank League Table

Bank League Table

We rank the major banks based on how much £10,000 in a current account contributes in carbon emissions.

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Carbon emission equivalents
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Your choices matter

Interested to know how your choice of current account continues the cycle of fossil fuel development and climate change?

Traditional Bank

You open a current or savings account with a traditional bank and your money is held here.

Fossil Fuels

Your money endorses the bank's investment, and for most banks this includes fossil fuels.

Climate Change

Fossil fuel development generates carbon emissions, taking us closer towards an uninhabitable world.

If enough of us take our money out of fossil fuel investing banks, we undermine their investment strategy, meaning they can't invest in powerful and high-polluting industries such as oil and gas.

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