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Welcome to the Green Living Service

We make it easy for you to go green and save money

About the Green Living Service

The climate crisis leaves our planet on the brink. We all want to play a part in making that better but it can be hard to know where to start. And even when we start making those changes, there's often a thought "is what I'm doing actually helping?" 

Through our research we've discovered the three biggest challenges facing people wanting to live a greener lifestyle; lack of time, the guilt at not being green enough amidst all the greenwashing and a belief that going green costs money. We've discovered that these issues often overlap causing inertia.

Through the Green Living Service, we help you to go green with all the perks. 


We help customers to: 

Save 40 hours in research time per year

Save £3,000 per year*

*Based on the average UK consumer taking all services and following all suggested actions.

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Reduce up to 18 tonnes of carbon emissions per year

The Green Living Service method

The Green Living Service Areas

Our 5 step Green Living Service Method is engineered to understand you, your needs and your budget before delivering savings (both carbon and money) across all major purchase areas; finance, diet, transport, home improvement and household items. 

What we do - Our MPRESS Method - saves you time, money and the planet



Where you currently are, based on carbon emissions and possible savings, across key areas.



The changes that will have the greatest impact - focusing on returns, savings and your values.



The options on the market, seeking great deals on banking, pension, energy and more.



Giving you a personalised switching plan to unlock big savings.



On your behalf, supporting you to make the change, dealing with all the hassle along the way.



We unlock savings and returns for you, year in, year out.

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Key Area: Current Accounts, Saving Accounts & ISAs, Pensions, Investments, Mortgage, Insurance, Energy and Broadband

What our members say

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"The results were surprising & made the process of revealing my finances worthwhile. It is good to see a large bank as an ethical option. It was also encouraging to see how many people have invested with PensionBee!"

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"I would never have imagined how much carbon my pension emitted! MotherTree's calculator made it quick and easy to estimate it. Best of all, I loved the recommendations. I've now transferred my money from my old bank to a Clim8 Invest GIA account and am saving a whopping 11.13 tonnes of CO2e per year."



"I had no idea how much impact just switching banks could have. MotherTree was super helpful for figuring that out and then sorting the switch. So little hassle for such a big carbon saving. I've been telling all my friends!"

How it works

At the start of each month, we meet with you to understand your values and budget for one of the five areas. 


Over the next 30 days (sometimes a little longer depending on your requirements) we hunt down the best providers in terms of your values and coming in under budget.


At the end of the month, we go through the results with you, refining our results to fit your needs.


We the repeat this process for the remaining areas.


You'll have 24/7 access to the research team - text, email and WhatsApp, as well as access to our exclusive Slack group for ongoing accountability and support. 


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Join the Green Living Service

When joining the Green Living Service, there are 4 steps that each client completes. In doing so, we'll have a really clear understanding of what you need, your values and your budget to start greening your lifestyle! 

Step 1.

Step 1.png

The introduction call: here we take time to understand you, your values and your overall budget. This gives clarity on what you want to achieve.

Step 2.

Step 2.png

Complete the requirements for the first area - together, we go into depth on the first area, understanding your goals and values.

Step 3.

Step 3.png

First area presentation - at the end of month 1, we present you with the results walking you through the changes and next steps.

Step 4.

Step 4.png

Repeat! We go through the process for the remaining 4 areas, one per month.

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