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Your biggest opportunity to make an impact? Your money

For many, financed emissions - from business bank accounts to pensions

- are a company's single biggest contributor to their carbon emissions.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

Is your bank investing billions into oil & gas?

The major UK banks have put into fossil fuel since 2016:

£367.25 Billion

Source: Banking on Climate Chaos

The world's 60 biggest banks are financing fossil fuel expansion 50x more than the fossil fuel companies. 
(For every £1 that BP invests in fossil fuel expansion, the banks are putting in £50).

Pie Chart

Source: Bill McKibben, Wall Street Journal, 17th September 2019

Green Forest

"Money is the oxygen that keeps
fossil fuel burning"

Bill McKibben, Environmentalist and founder of and

Find out if your bank is funding fossil fuels

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The Times
The Times Money Mentor
Evening Standard
Meaningful Money
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Business C02

Your company's choice of bank has a huge impact

The financed emissions from your bank and pension could be larger than the entire supply chain combined.

The Carbon Bankroll Report, 2022

Source: The Carbon Bankroll report, 2022

It's a similar story for SMEs.

SMEs Bar Chart

Source: ONS & BEIS, 2022

Banks continue to invest in areas that don't align to our values

Clever: Meat Industry


Invested £6.7bn to JBS - the world's biggest butcher

Gun: Weapons Industry


Named in relation to funding cluster munitions & nuclear weapons

Fist up: Human Rights Violations


Facing human rights scandals


Barclays funding JBS: A ROTTEN BUSINESS, How Barclays became the go-to bank for JBS, one of the world's most destructive meat corporations, 2022

Natwest funding weapons: Ethical Consumer, April 2023

HSBC human rights: The Guardian, Feb 2021

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Introducing MotherTree

Where values meet value for your business

Your company can make a real difference when it comes to carbon emissions:

Live your values

Live your values

Inspire your customers

Inspire your customers

Reduce carbon emissions

Reduce carbon emissions

With MotherTree you get Clarity, Confidence & Control on the key actions your business can take to reduce CO2, align to your values and even unlock higher revenue.

All while saving you time, money and the planet.

Lake and Trees Landscape

What we cover

Areas: Current and Savings Accounts, Investment, Energy, Insurance and Pension

Backed by experts

Mike Berners-Lee

Mike Berners-Lee

Mike Berners-Lee is a leading expert in carbon footprinting. He is the director and principal consultant at Small World Consulting and author of several best selling books including How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything.

How it works


Lizzie Rivera

Lizzie Rivera

Founder and Chief Purpose Officer at Live Frankly

"To understand if a company is serious about its commitment to sustainability, a good place to start is if it’s putting its money where its values are. Where a business banks is a crucial decision – this report clearly shows how it’s one of the biggest carbon choices it can make. So, before you read that long glossy ‘impact’ report, quickly check who a business banks with to get a sense of how seriously they’re taking sustainability. Follow the money: it couldn’t be more simple or more important."

The MotherTree Method


Requirement meeting to understand where you currently are and the key action areas


Based on your bespoke report on where you currently are, we will review where the business currently is and prioritise the big financed emissions changes


MotherTree runs the switch process on your behalf, taking care of everything

Trees and Lake Landscape

We do the paperwork, you get the benefits



Heart Handshake


The planet


Impact for a typical UK business



into the green economy


75 tCO2



per year*

* Only covers current and savings accounts. This number is bigger when we factor in investment, insurance and energy

About us

MotherTree was founded by Dan Sherrard-Smith and Craig Wallington after they discovered the huge carbon emissions impact their own banks were having.

Craig Wallington

Craig Wallington

COO and Founder

Extensive experience working to drive change with large organisations: 7+ years at Bain & Company working with clients to change their business to achieve a range of objectives.

Dan Sherrard-Smith

Dan Sherrard-Smith

CEO and Founder

Track record of successful switching: On the founding team of the UK's largest autoswitching site - Look After My Bills - switching energy for over 800k households and saving the UK public £127m.

Do you want to go green and save money?

Then join our FREE webinar where we'll show you the exact steps to take to go green.
Dates to be released in July

Sunlit forest landscape

What's in a name?

MotherTree is inspired by Scientist, Suzanne Simard.
Simard discovered that trees can communicate with each other and even share nutrients. The truly remarkable thing is that these trees didn't only share with their kin, she found that oak shares with birch and beech, and so on.

Within this network, the mother trees, the oldest and largest trees, share the most nutrients while protecting the smaller trees from storms and disease.

This is MotherTree's mission. To connect sustainable businesses, while empowering the necessary change so we can live on a thriving planet. 

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