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The easy way for busy people to go green and save.

Switching your banking, pension and insurance providers with the UK's first and only money carbon calculator could be the single best way to cut your carbon footprint.​


Plus, it could even save you money.


Want to know how?

Do you really know where your money’s going?

Did you know: Barclays invested over £12 billion into oil and gas last year? In fact, the big UK banks put £114bn into oil and gas in 2021.


Take control of your money. Green My Money from MotherTree helps you:

1. Quickly understand the carbon footprint of your savings and investments

2. Get connected with trusted, FSCS-protected green providers

3. Save money - we save clients an average of £2,000 per year*

*Based on an average UK consumer taking all services and following all suggested actions

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"I've now transferred my money from my old bank to a greener alternative and am saving a whopping 11.13 tonnes of CO2e per year."


The Problem

Does trying to make green choices give you brain FOG?

You know our planet’s in trouble. You want to act. But you feel…


Because you don’t have time to research and make changes.


By the amount of choice and all the greenwashing out there.


About not doing more, sooner.

Get clear advice, quickly – and make positive changes now with Green My Money.

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"I had no idea how much impact just switching banks could have. MotherTree was super helpful for figuring that out and then sorting the switch. So little hassle for such a big carbon saving. I've been telling all my friends!"


Green My Money helps you save the future and save for the future.

Discover trusted, FSCS-protected green providers and if we can't deliver on your requirements, we give you your money back.


With MotherTree you can:

Save Time

Save Time

We uncover and explain green options, so you don’t have to.

Save up to 40 hours of research.

Save Money

Save Money

Choosing a greener provider could mean higher ROI.

Save £2,000 per year on average.*

Save the Planet

Reduce your carbon footprint

Create a positive impact and get peace of mind.

Eliminate up to 18 tonnes of carbon.

* Based on an average UK consumer taking all services and following all suggested actions.

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"MotherTree helped me understand how my financial decisions impacted the world. I'm much more informed about my choices and empowered to make a difference with greener topics in mind."


Green My Money Areas: Pension, Investments, Mortgage, Insurance, Bills and Banking

Together, we’ve moved over £1 million into the green economy.

MotherTree has saved 2,000 users over 250 tonnes of carbon so far. Want to be part of it?

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