The best way of saving the planet? Your savings.

Your current account and pension could be having double the carbon impact of going vegan, quitting flying and choosing the bike over the car, COMBINED.

MotherTree calculates your money's carbon footprint and helps you switch to a greener way to save. For free.

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Your money. Your choice.

Where you put your money matters. Most current account or pension providers choose where they invest, meaning your money could be supporting fossil fuels, weapons and tobacco.

Now the choice is yours. Choosing a greener way to save with MotherTree could be the biggest change you can make to address global inequality and climate change.

Where would you choose to put your money?

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In fossil fuels, weapons and tobacco with traditional providers

In healthcare, clean energy and ethical companies with a MotherTree approved provider

Discover the impact of your savings

Your money has a footprint. A big one!

Save the future or save for the future? Now you don’t need to choose. Switching your current account and pension provider with MotherTree is the single best way to cut your carbon footprint.

Based on ONS statistics, the average UK consumer could nearly halve their carbon emissions just by changing the way they save.

CO2 emissions per year in kg

*Lifestyle includes: being an omnivore vs. vegan, having a petrol car vs. electric car, using a standard energy supplier vs. a green energy supplier, and taking planes vs. not taking any flight. 

See our carbon reporting sources

Moving your money could halve your carbon footprint.

Moving your money to sustainable banks and pension providers could have the single biggest impact on your carbon footprint. But first, you need to know where your money is going right now.

Our money carbon calculator shows you the current impact of your investments and helps you switch to greener providers.

CO2 emissions per year in kg

*Calculated based on how mortgage interests are reinvested. See our carbon reporting sources.

The biggest driver of climate change?

Investment in fossil fuels



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Move your money where it matters and support a cleaner, greener future.

How MotherTree works

About us

When I first looked at where my pension was invested, I was shocked – 4% in oil and gas companies, 2% in weapons manufacturing. It was crazy that my provider was investing in these companies. And it was a similar story for my bank. I knew I had to do something about it. And to my great surprise, I found switching was much easier than I thought.

That's why I created MotherTree. To show people the impact of their own money and help them make a positive change.

I'm Dan. Before MotherTree, I helped found Look After My Bills, the Y Combinator-backed startup that got the best ever deal on BBC's Dragons' Den.


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